Abdulrauf Faruk Conv 1

Critical thinking is a process of developing further upon base level thoughts, primarily done through analysis and evaluation of ideas around you. As the speakers said, the terms to describe critical thinking would be: an art, developed through analysis, and chiseled with evaluation, all for a better method of thinking. The speakers believe this is important as it helps us improve ourselves through assimilation of others’ ideas, and I completely agree; through this higher understanding and selective integration, we can grow ourselves to better versions. However, critical thinking is not a process easily learned and utilized properly; it takes practice, effort, and an open mind to critically think. It takes practice to be able to properly analyze information presented without being fooled or misled. It takes effort to search for information beyond what is found on the surface in order to find the truth. It takes an open mind to accept ideas different from your own and fully incorporate it into who you are. But in conclusion, critical thinking is crucial for a person’s development, and for the betterment of society as a whole; more unity and acceptable sharing of ideas can only help not harm us all.

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