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GWS 100: KEYWORDS (draft/in-progress)

GWS Keywords (DRAFT assignment) 

Overview: This assignment invites you to engage with key concepts in the field of Gender and Women’s Studies by 1) learning about existing definitions, interpretations; 2) learning about context for important concepts in the field; and, 3) revising and remixing the terms through your own explanations with examples or applications. … Read more “GWS 100: KEYWORDS (draft/in-progress)”

Open Pedagogy First Assignment Post

Good day,

One of the open resource assignments will relate to the academic vocabulary of mathematics. Students in this course will continually update and create a “Word Resource Guide” and a database of word problems created by students. As you work with the academic vocabulary of mathematics, you will learn its math concepts and exercises.Read more “Open Pedagogy First Assignment Post”

MMP 270 Skill Tree

This is a very rough draft of what I’m working on for a skill tree for my “open world” class design for MMP 270.  The skill trees represent the skill required by different roles in a professional game design setting.

The first assignment in the semester would be for students to read through the skill tree and make a plan for what path to complete to map out their goals for the class. … Read more “MMP 270 Skill Tree”

Choose Your Own English Adventure Survey [In Progress]

Step 1: Choose Your Own English 101 Adventure survey. Please follow the link to fill out this initial assessment of your English writing skills. We’ll be using the results of this survey to tailor the course to each student and achieve functional individual writing goals.… Read more “Choose Your Own English Adventure Survey [In Progress]”

Ungrading English 101: Grading Criteria

30% of your grade is based on your grade on the English Department’s Final Essay Examination. 15% will be determined by the cumulative grade for your formal essays. The other 55 % of the class will be determined by US…which brings us to…

Your first assignment will be working with your classmates to determine what achievements make for an A, B, C, D, and F class grade.Read more “Ungrading English 101: Grading Criteria”

ENG101: The Research Essay

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” -Zora Neale Hurston

Assignment under construction. Students will have written two essays prior to this assignment (and potentially written a mid-term exam essay).

OBJECTIVES: Consider your narrative on family and identity, inspired/informed by the essays by Amy Tan and Jennine Capo Crucet.… Read more “ENG101: The Research Essay”