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Sample Open Pedagogy Assignment (low-stakes)

Sentence Form and Standard Argument Form
CRT 100
Instructor: Danesh Singh

A. Pick two of the following arguments and put them into sentence-form (be sure to add words that are premise and conclusion indicators).
1. P: A minimum wage of over $15 an hour would help low-income people.… Read more “Sample Open Pedagogy Assignment (low-stakes)”

ASN 114 – Archive Assignment

[Before students begin work on this archive, they will already have 1) introduced themselves by way of a personal archive and 2) used materials from available archives as class texts]

Archive Assignment– draft

Remember our guiding principle to understanding migration: Individual choice does not sufficiently explain how or why migration occurs.Read more “ASN 114 – Archive Assignment”

ACR 200 – Fluency Read-Aloud Assignment

This project is designed to help us practice strategies related to fluent reading–and I mean us as I’ll create a read-aloud with you. As we discussed in this module, reading aloud to children, and modeling fluent reading, is really important for building children’s and adolescents’ awareness of phonetics and phonology, building their oral vocabularies, and helping them acquire schemes of varieties of story structures.… Read more “ACR 200 – Fluency Read-Aloud Assignment”