Open Pedagogy First Assignment Post

Open Pedagogy First Assignment Post

Good day,

One of the open resource assignments will relate to the academic vocabulary of mathematics. Students in this course will continually update and create a “Word Resource Guide” and a database of word problems created by students. As you work with the academic vocabulary of mathematics, you will learn its math concepts and exercises. Each of you will have a word and a math concept that you will develop resources to support your colleague’s learning.

Part 1

For your academic word, you will develop a

  1. Word map
  2. Semantic gradient
  3. Semantic feature analysis
  4. Word Hunt
  5. Frayer Analysis

Part 2

For your chapter concept, you will look for and list 3 instances of the concept in the chapter.

Part 3

Finally, you will create a word problem in your own words that explores the same concepts of one of the exercises you worked on in part 2.

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