Gratitude Presentation

Gratitude Presentation

Gratitude Presentation (Low-risk assignment) – DRAFT


You will be able to deliver a gratitude presentation

You will use the language and delivery method of a special occasion presentation to show gratitude and make someone feel extra special.

You will organize the presentation to meet 2-3 minutes time frame.


Due: 10/20/21 @ 12 noon



For the Gratitude Presentation, you will do the following:

  1. Identify a person or thing you would like to appreciate.
  2. Brainstorm to select three attributes you would like to celebrate them for displaying.
  3. Compose a two-three-minute presentation using the language of a special occasion presentation.
  4. Include at least one visual aid (i.e., ad image of the person, one image to reflect the person’s attributes).
  5. Prepare a brief outline showing the introduction, body, and conclusion for your presentation.
  6. Practice your presentation to meet the time requirement.
  7. Prepare your set to record your presentation (see the guidelines to record and submit your presentation to the OpenLab.
  8. Submit your presentation by the due date: 10/20/21 @ 12 noon.

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