Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab | Summer 2021

Week 3: Getting Started on OpenLab

Learning Outcomes

  • Create an accessible WordPress site in the OpenLab
  • Match site functionality to pedagogical goals
  • Be Awesomer

Preparation for June 15 Zoom session

  • Think about the responses you gave in the survey, and then visualize your site by drawing a sketch (see Celeste Conway’s sketch for her ENG 201 course–but don’t be intimidated by this sample; it’s meant to inspire). We’ve left this purposely vague to provide you freedom in your conception.
  • Drop your sketch into this DropBox folder (if you used pen and paper, take a photo; drawing or mindmapping in MS Word or other application is also fine; last year, one faculty created a video talking about her conception of her site, so feel free to interpret sketch in a way that inspires you).
  • Write the instructions you will give to students for your open pedagogy assignment (a draft is fine), and create a post for the instructions on this site checking the box for the category “open pedagogy assignments” which will ensure your post appears under that menu item on the site.

See Weeks 3 & 4 for the rest of the schedule.