MMP 270 Skill Tree

MMP 270 Skill Tree

This is a very rough draft of what I’m working on for a skill tree for my “open world” class design for MMP 270.  The skill trees represent the skill required by different roles in a professional game design setting.

The first assignment in the semester would be for students to read through the skill tree and make a plan for what path to complete to map out their goals for the class.  I’m imagining that assignments and achievements would be worth a certain number of points, and students would add up points until they get a target goal (an A might be 500 points, B is 450 etc, still working out the point scale).  This exercise would give them a chance to imagine their progress over the entire semester and see what kinds of skill they may want to work on.  But they can make changes to their plan as they try different nodes in the skill tree and may mix and match from different trees.

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