What do you think is the most demotivating part of Harper’s job?

Harper Jones is a 26-year-old marketing coordinator at Marketable Incorporation. She had the same role since she was 22. After Jose left, Jones had some difficulty trying to catch up with the workload. The most demotivating part of Harper’s job is her not being heard. Harper Jones had to take over Jose’s work since the company didn’t find anyone else for his position. Harper understands that David has many more responsibilities; however, she feels stressed because there is no one to talk to.

If you were an HR manager meeting with Harper’s supervisor, David, what advice would you give to help David re-engage Harper?

If I were an HR manager, I would tell David to check up on his employees. As an HR manager, I would get that David has a lot on his plate; however, other employees might be struggling too; this can lead to workers quitting, which would not be suitable for the company. I would also suggest finding a new employee to cover Jose’s role so other employees won’t have to do more than they were told to do. Not finding someone to cover Jose’s position can lead to employee burnout.

What would be the downside of losing Harper as an employee?

Losing Harper as an employee would be appalling for the company. Harper Jones has been doing all the work Jose was supposed to do. Losing Harper would mean the company would have doubled the position to do. The company won’t be able to finish tasks on time which can lead to stress and financially affect them. Harper has also been with the company for four years, and if they find someone else, maybe the person they find won’t be able to do the work as well as Harper.