Excel Exercises

Microsoft® Excel® is a fundamental program in business. Whether you are processing inventory, crunching data, or just trying to keep projects organized, becoming fluent in Microsoft® Excel® will be one of your biggest takeaways from BUS 104 — and it will help you in future BMCC courses and beyond.

The exercises we will complete throughout this semester are geared at providing the basic building blocks of Microsoft® Excel® proficiency, and making you a more confident user. It’s not about being perfect — it’s about learning the skills.

We will be working through this Open Educational Resource in its entirety (Beginning Excel 20191). By the end, you’ll be an Microsoft® Excel® whiz!

If you don’t have Microsoft® Excel® on your computer, you’re in luck — BMCC provides all students with free downloads. Click here to find out more and download the program for yourself.


1Beginning Excel 2019 by Noreen Brown, Barbara Lave, Hallie Puncochar, Julie Romey, Mary Schatz, Art Schneider, and Diane Shingledecker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.