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  • brianna roberts
    business managment My BMCC email is:
  • Isaac Agyeman
    Hello everyone, my name is Isaac Agyeman and I am currently majoring in business administration. My hobbies include playing basketball, video games, and exercising. I am looking forward to learning more about the business field with this course. My BMCC email is:
  • Hailey-Marie Nieves
    My name is Hailey-Marie Nieves, I am a business major. I have a few hobbies, including dancing, sewing, and skin care. I work at Starbucks and enjoy it when there aren’t rude customers. I was born and raised in New York but did move to North Carolina when I was 4 for 10 months. I returned to New York with a country accent that faded away but likes to make an appearance every now and then. My birthday is March 19th, making me a pisces-aries cusp. I have lived with my father and stepmother since I was 4 years old and finally went back to see my family in 2020 after 12 years. My BMCC email is: HAILEYMARIE.NIEVES001@STU.BMCC.CUNY.EDU
  • Juan Perez
    My name is Juan Perez but I like to go as Juanes and that is what most people call me.
    My major is Business Management following Finance and Banking. In my free time which is rarely any I like to watch shark tank to learn more about businesses in general. I am a heavy sports person, so we can talk about what’s going on in sports nowadays specially in soccer all day if you wish to. My BMCC email is:
  • Dyniqua Corbett
    Hello, my name is Dyniqua, and I am starting my first semester at BMCC. My major is in Business Management. I was born in Queens. I recently graduated from high school. I mostly spend my days editing, watching podcast and cooking new things I see from TikTok. My BMCC email is: DYNIQUA.CORBETT001@STU.BMCC.CUNY.EDU
  • Emmalyn Chin
    Hey y’all! I’m Emmalyn and I’m majoring in business management. This is my second semester as a transfer student at BMCC. I love watching and playing volleyball, and also enjoy dancing and writing poems & lyrics. Overall I just like to express myself through different artistic mediums (both visual and performing). I love cute things such as plushies. Most of the ones I have are some shade of green or blue (although it wasn’t a color palette I actively thought about sticking to). I only have a couple of them named—one is a gray hippo named Poppi Reginald, & the other is a T-Rex plushie named Tubbers since he’s tubby. My BMCC email is:
  • Xavier Pineda
    My current major at BMCC is accounting. I enjoy movies, bike riding, the gym and traveling. My current goal with my degree is to continue pursuing my career in nightlife as well as advancing as a sex work advocate. Bringing necessary resources to a community that does not have the accessibility it needs for financial advancement within their industry. My BMCC email is: XAVIER.PINEDA001@STU.BMCC.CUNY.EDU
  • Eylul Karaosman
    My name is Eylul Karaosman, my preferred name is Ava. I am 18 years old and I am majoring in business management. My hobbies are reading, walking, hanging out with friends, and learning. My BMCC email is:
  • Scarly Descardes
    Hello, everyone; my name is Scarly Descardes. I am 18 years old and have been at Bmcc for two semesters. My major is digital marketing. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga and reading. My BMCC email is:
  • Gomez
    My name is Nicholas Gomez, I’m 18 years old and my major is Small Business Entrepreneurship. My hobbies are playing video games, playing soccer, and always researching new business ideas. Other things that you guys should know about me is that I’m a sneakerhead and I resell sneakers as my side hustle. My BMCC email is:
  • Eylul Karaosman
    My name is Eylul Karaosman, my preferred name is Ava. I am 18 years old and my major is Business Management. My hobbies are going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and walking. My BMCC email is:
  • xue,wang
    Hi ,My name is xue,wang and My major is business administration , and i love watch some funny movies , My BMCC email is:
  • Anastasia Nieves
    My name is Anastasia & My major is business administration. I am from the Bronx, and I’m a lash tech and I also wax. i like to spend my free time trying new things and meeting new people. My BMCC email is:
  • jingyi july cen chen
    my major is marketing My BMCC email is:
  • Xavier Pineda
    Hi- my name is Xavier, not Javier. My major is accounting, I want to be able to continue to advocate for sex workers with my degree. Using my degree to be able to give back to a community of individuals that necessarily don’t have access to information that is vital to to their financial success. Some of my hobbies are dancing, travel, working out and watching movies. My BMCC email is:
  • Ivanna Balarezo
    My major is Business Management and I would like to continue my studies and get a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. I really like watching anime and listening to music. My BMCC email is:
  • Jessica Vazquez
    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Vazquez. Since the pandemic, I took a break from school and decided to return to BMCC this semester and pursue majoring in Business administration. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and going to the gym. I also want to start traveling more and reading more books. I hope to start my own business one day, but first, I would like to gain knowledge and build foundations. My BMCC email is:
  • Alexis Coote
    Hello, My name is Alexis Coote. I currently don’t have a major just restarting college and fixing where I messed up dramatically. I love reading and arts and crafts. My life since COVID has become very plain so there isn’t anything to know about me. My BMCC email is:
  • Oumou Jalloh
    My name Is Oumou Jalloh. I am West African. Both my parents are from Guinea, Conakry & Sierra Leone. I was born and raised in Bronx,NY. This is my second semester in BMCC majoring Business Management. After my studies I hope to become a Realtor. I really love to travel, it became a favorite hobby of mine experiencing different environments from across the world. Things I do on my free time is modeling & running my own clothing line called ‘Belle Lavish’. I’m looking forward to this course although it’s an asynchronous class, It would be a pleasure to know more about my classmates and any in common hobbies! My BMCC email is:
  • Saleh Sharhan
    Hello, this is Saleh Sharhan and my current major is History. I am planning to transfer to a 4-year college with an economics major. My hobbies are cycling and jogging, however, due to a recent injury, I could not do as much cycling this summer as in the past 3 summers. Cheers, Saleh My BMCC email is:
  • Professor Buckler
    Hi students! I’m Professor Buckler and I am so excited to learn alongside you all this semester. You can read more about me on the Instructor page, and watch our welcome video where I share more as well. I majored in Sport Administration in college at the University of Miami, and continued my studies at the University of South Florida, where I completed my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and MSEM (Masters of Sport & Entertainment Management). I love to run, bake, and travel. I can’t wait to meet all of you! My BMCC email is: