Getting Started

Hello class!

In order to fully take advantage of this Course Site during our semester, and to make sure you are always up to date on your assignments and readings, please read through this list and complete the tasks below. You should be able to complete everything on this list in about an hour.

Task 1: Set up your BMCC OpenLab Account

This will allow you to customize your profile, view, and comment on material and assignments, and fully access this course web page throughout the semester.

  1. Make sure you have access to your BMCC email account. If you don’t know your BMCC email address, click here to find out.
  2. You need to create your own BMCC OpenLab account. Instructions on how to do this are available here.
  3. Log into your newly-created OpenLab account.
  4. Please add a photo of yourself to your account avatar (picture). This video shows how to do it.
  5. Once you have created an account on the OpenLab, join our class by visiting our Course Profile and clicking Join Now beneath the picture on the course profile.
  6. Log in! You’ll see “Hello, YOUR NAME” in the upper right corner of this window. You’ll need be logged in to fill out our Class Directory form below and to submit future assignments.

That’s it! You are now a member of the class, and can comment and view all course materials.

PS – if you encounter trouble with any of the steps, please email the OpenLab support team at:

Task 2: Register for class reminders through (2 points) is a free service for instructors and students to communicate and receive announcements to their mobile devices about course due dates and schedule changes. 

Registering for our course section is quick and easy. You can click here, or follow these instructions to join via text message. (Please note: message and data rates may apply.)

You must create an account on OpenLab and join our course before you can fill out this form.

Task 4: Fill out the BUS 104 Pre-Course Survey (2 points)

Please click here to complete a pre-survey for this course. The purpose of this survey is for BUS 104 faculty and the Business Management department to have an idea of what you know about Introduction to Business before the semester starts. It should take about 20 minutes to complete. Please answer all of the questions in the survey to the best of your ability. You will be not be graded on correctness, but you will receive points for completing this assignment.

Task 5: Set up 1:1 time (Office Hours) with Professor Buckler to introduce yourself. (2 points)

Use this link to find a 10-minute time block that works for your schedule. I look forward to meeting you! Try to schedule something within the next two weeks.

Task 6: Read our Course Syllabus and watch the ‘Syllabus Overview’ video.

You can download our Course Syllabus here, and view the ‘Syllabus Overview’ video below (or on the Syllabus page).

Task 7: Review our Course Schedule and watch the ‘Course Schedule Overview’ video.

You can download our Course Schedule here, and comment on the page with any questions (or on the Course Schedule page).

Task 8: Watch the ‘How To Navigate Our Course Site’ video and explore the site on your own.

You can view the ‘How to Navigate Our Course Site’ video below, or on our Home page.

Task 9: Complete our Course Overview Quiz (2 points)