Open Pedagogy Assignments

Open Pedagogy Assignments

LIN 110 Open English (draft)

This assignment will be introduced early in the semester, but students will work on it in the last quarter of the semester. Throughout the semester they will be exposed to examples of the media that they might use. Here are the tentative steps:

  1. Choose a course concept that is important and interesting to you.
  2. Review (learn deeply about) that concept.
    1. Structures
      1. Morphology: Roots and affixes
      2. Syntax: Simple (word), phrase and clause structures; sentence structures, etc.
    2. Relevant issues (“standard” vs. “non-standard” forms, varieties of English, prescriptivism vs. descriptivism, language experiences, etc.)
  3. Consider how to teach the concept to someone who has no background on it. Provide definitions, examples and (suggested) practice. In doing so, make a meaningful connection to yourself or your communities.
  4. Choose to work alone or with a partner(s).
  5. Choose a medium for teaching the concept.
    1. Text (MS Word or Google doc)
    2. Graphic (static/animated, audio, and/or video) (e.g., PowerPoint or Google Slide)
    3. Audio + text
    4. Video + text (i.e., Zoom, Screencast-O-Matic, FlipGrid, Powtoon, or another tool)
    5. Other (proposed by student)
  6. Create a shareable learning experience focused on that concept in the form you choose according to your desired grade(?). (I’m sure this isn’t the way to word this. It’s more about effort or time or something and not about “desired grade.” TBD)

More details on feedback and assessment here.

John Beaumont | LIN 110 The Structure of English


  1. Love this assignment! Great to see UDL multiple means of expression/action and culturally sustaining pedagogy embedded in it, along with trauma-informed grading. Win-win-win! Are you also thinking of asking permission to make these available for future students and/or on your course website?

    1. Thanks, jean. Yes, that’s part of it. I’ll have to be more explicit when I say “shareable.” Interesting. I only found your comment by random clicking. Do student need to go looking for a reply or will it be delivered in some way?

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