Open pedagogy assignment

Open pedagogy assignment

Dear Class,

We have an open pedagogy assignment. In order to do that I am asking everyone to go to and sign up. We are going to have a lab in the Codeacademy. It is free resources and you don’t need to purchase any account. So find the assignment below, right the code, and share the link with me.

Good luck


Attention: to get credit, you should use an array in this lab.

Question1: ask the student how many grades you have, then create an array with the size of the user’s answer. (for example, if the user said I have 5 grades, then the size of an array is 5). then asks the user to give grades, and your program should read each grade and store it in that array. then calculate the average for the student.

Question2: ask the user to enter a list of the numbers. first, ask him how many numbers he wants to enter. this number specifies the size of the array. Then by defining two functions(maximum, minimum), find the maximum and minimum numbers in the list.

Hint: you can define these functions before or after the main.



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