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  • BBC Sound Effects
    “The BBC Sound Effects Archive is available for personal, educational or research purposes. There are over 33,000 clips from across the world from the past 100 years. These include clips made by the BBC Radiophonic workshop, recordings from the Blitz in London, special effects made for BBC TV and Radio productions, as well as 15,000 recordings from the Natural History Unit archive.” Check the Terms of Use to understand how these sound clips are licensed.
  • Development of Theatre 1: Classical – Neoclassical Forms
    This anthology includes Aristotle’s Poetics, Oedipus the King, Lysistrata, The Brothers (Adelphoe), The Little Clay Cart (Mrcchakatika), Everyman, Hamlet, and Life Is a Dream (La vida es sueño).
  • Folger Shakespeare Library Collection at OER Commons
    “Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection, the ultimate resource for exploring Shakespeare and his world.”
  • HowlRound
    “HowlRound is a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that amplifies progressive, disruptive ideas about the art form and facilitates connection between diverse practitioners.”
  • Intro to Theater – Learning Resources
    This resource book includes three assignments that can be used in theatre courses. Some activities are based on topics in the open textbook Theatrical Worlds.
  • Transforming Stories, Driving Change
    “This workbook is for anyone interested in collaborating on a project that uses community-based theatre as a creative platform for working alongside the people whose voices and visions are essential to, and mostly absent from, public direction-setting for the cities we live in.”