Latin American and Latino Studies


  • CUNY Dominican Studies Institute: Digital Resources
    These digital resources are provided by the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute at The City College of New York. These feature “various educational platforms to enhance teaching and learning on Dominican topics”; they are freely available, but check individual resources for information about permissions.
  • Latin American Divas
    This YouTube series was created by Andrea L. Fernández of Baruch College and City College. In the videos, she highlights the role of women in Latin American society, featuring “important female leaders in the areas of politics, social movements, literature, and the arts (music, film, theater & painting).”
  • Libros En Español
    This collection of Spanish-language texts in the public domain provided by Manifold @CUNY includes works by Peruvian writer Clorinda Matto de Turner and Chilean writer María Teresa de las Mercedes Wilms Montt as well as works by Spanish authors.
  • Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
    These courses were created by and for the Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College.

Open Books

  • Antología abierta de literatura hispana
    “Una antología crítica de textos literarios del mundo hispanohablante. Se enfoca en autores canónicos y también se intenta incluir voces marginadas. Cada texto tiene una introducción y anotaciones creadas por estudiantes. // A critical anthology of literary texts from the Spanish-speaking world. A focus on canonical authors and an attempt to include voices that have been marginalized. Each text includes an introduction and annotations created by students.”
  • Culturas hispanas a través de la pantalla / Hispanic Cultures Through the Screen
    “Este libro de texto busca fomentar el visionado crítico de productos audiovisuales contemporáneos y el reflexionar sobre la representación de las culturas hispanas en webseries y vídeos musicales. This textbook aims to promote critical viewing of contemporary audiovisual products and thinking about the representation of Hispanic cultures in web series and music videos.”

Open Courses

  • Geography of Latin America
    “In this course, we will examine the peoples and places of Latin America from a geographical perspective. We will explore the geographical dimensions of economic, cultural, political, and physical forces influencing Latin America as a region.”
  • Latin and Caribbean Studies Courses (MIT CourseWare)

Zero-cost Resources