Week 4 – Workshop I

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Week 4 – Workshop I

For instructions on how to submit a post, please follow these instructions: https://openlab.bmcc.cuny.edu/mmp460-1100-fall2021/posting-on-open-lab/

Download this Adobe InDesign flyer layout template. Create 3 alternative typographic treatments to create a legible and appealing flyer with the text on page 1 (no images allowed).

  • For page 2: Pick a single typeface but use different font sizes and styles
  • For page 3: Pick a single typeface but use different sizes, styles, colors for the font and background
  • For page 4: Use two type faces (you may also vary their respective sizes, styles, and colors for the fonts and background)

Export the finished document to PDF, upload it to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and post a link to it on Open Lab * Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] workshop I ” and select the Category “Week 4 – Workshop I”

Due on Monday 10/4