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Jerlisa Bush Group Forming

  • When are you available to meet outside of class? I am able to meet Thursday after 1:40, Friday, and some Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Which skills can you bring to the team? I am pretty adequate at coding, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Are you comfortable leading or have you led a group team like this before? Im usually never comfortable with leading. I lead if i have to.
  • What is your major? Multimedia Programming and Design
  • What are your career goals? At the moment one of my goals is to design packaging for companies. Get into freelance work as well.
  • What grade are you seeking to get on this project? An A.
  • Are you the kind of person who works through the semester steadily or seeks to complete everything right before the assessment is due? Unfortunately both but Im usually someone who works steadily throughout the semester.
  • What social cause are you interested in? This could be a general subject (i.e: the environment) or a more specific topic (i.e: Cleaning up the Gowanus canal). Environmental causes.