ASAP Resources

During the Fall and Spring semesters ASAP provides a range of opportunities for you to enhance your skills, gain knowledge, and join a community that shares your personal and/or academic interests. We encourage you to check them out below.


ASAP Tutoring Services

ASAP provides tutoring in a variety of disciplines for students with all levels of academic readiness. Check out the ASAP Tutoring site below.


ASAP Academic Success Workshops

The ASAP Academic Success Workshops are peer-facilitated, discussion oriented workshops that explore effective learning strategies (i.e., how to prepare for a test, how to overcome your math anxiety, etc.) and provide guidance on how to reach one’s professional and personal goals (i.e., how to boost your confidence, how to develop an empowering mindset, and more).




ASAP Premedical Society

The ASAP Premedical Society is open to all students in health-related majors and is a great place to learn about professional opportunities, chat with like-minded peers and develop a support network.



Participating in an ASAP exhibition project is an exciting opportunity that allows you to get in touch with your creative side, contribute in various ways (as a researcher, performer, website developer, interviewer, and more), and become part of a motivated and socially conscious community. Check out the website of our previous exhibition, Unsung Heroines of Color: Suffragists and Student Change Makers.

Unsung Heroines of Color