Welcome to our community!

Our Society’s mission is to provide an opportunity for all students interested in medical and/or health related careers to organize a community; and with the help of the society’s events and resources, learn about the medical environment and specializations, and cultivate skills and knowledge necessary to a successful entry to a medical school.  

Please apply to become a member under the “How to Become a Member” page.

Meeting time and location (Spring and Fall semester only):

Wednesdays, 2-4pm

PLEASE NOTE: our meeting are conducted via Zoom, and will continue to be online until further notice.

How to log in on Zoom:

  1. create a Zoom account with the email contact you provided on your Premedical Society Member application
  2. You will receive invite to the Zoom meeting from the Society’s Team, this invite has all the necessary login information
  3. You have the options to join in any of the following ways:
    1. click on the link in the email
    2. sign in to your Zoom account and enter the Member ID and Password
    3. Call the phone number provided

Zoom essentials:

  • If you don’t have audio and/or camera functions on your computer, log in with your phone
  • Currently, all sessions under the free plan are limited to 40 minutes. BMCC is working on upgrading everyone’s access to a Pro account. After you are cut off, log back in by using the same login information.
  • For an introduction to Zoom, please watch the video below:

Useful  information about the COVID-19.

Premedical Society Team