Participants’ Testimonies

Here is what our workshop participants have said about what they learned and liked about the Academic Success Workshops,

“Before I participate this workshop, honestly I did not know how to approach the subject. But now I can tell with full confidence that I have an ideas on that! Thanks.”
(P. S.)

“It was actually all well-rounded information. But mostly I liked how they said to be sincere and keep it real in the essay. Also show who you were in the past, who you are in the present, and who you plan to be in the future.”
(R. R.)

“The information that I found most beneficial was the outlines that were shown to us. This is because I am a visual learners and because if we are given an example it is easier to learn how to ask for a letter of recommendation.”
(A. G.)

“You guys were very helpful and had great material, thank you!”
(N. T.)

“I found this workshop very helpful as I am starting to look into different scholarships. The information that I found most beneficial in this workshop is the steps that were given to help begin an essay. What we should focus on the most and to be clear and specific. I believe I learned a lot with this workshop and was able to take in very valuable and straight forward information.”
(D. R.)