Unsung Heroines of Color: Suffragists and Student Change Makers Exhibition

How can we create a positive change in our communities?

What are some of the causes BMCC students support and what can we learn from them?

Who are some of the women of the past whose lives and contributions we can draw strength and inspiration from?

Through a multimedia exhibition Unsung Heroines of Color: Suffragists and Student Change Makers, ASAP students and staff explore these questions while also celebrating the contribution of women of color to the suffrage movement in the United States and to causes that impact our contemporary society.

For suffragists, one of the ways to make a difference was by securing voting rights for women. Many fought hard for the right to vote, but only a select few are favored in the history books. In our exhibition, we have decided to highlight a selection of women of color who fought for the vote and are too often overlooked by historians. We also celebrate the work of these women through speeches and musical performances.

Looking to the future, we have interviewed student change makers about the causes that they care about and work to support. These interviews can be accessed online on this site along with recordings of a selected number of speeches and poems by women of color suffragists.

We hope that you all will be inspired by these women change makers of the past and present.