Activities for June 16 Session

Thanks for your participation and questions today! This week, you’ll be developing your WordPress skills while continuing to consider your vision for your course. If you want to see what others are envisioning, check out the amazing sketches created by your colleagues in the Files area of our community profile.

In preparation for Thursday’s session, we’d like you to do two things:

Reflect on your syllabus

  • As you’re reading, consider these spark questions: What is learner/learning-focused about your syllabus and other course documents? What changes might you make to be more learner/learning-focused?
  • Post your thoughts about the questions above by replying to this blog post.

Practice adding content to your course site

  • Your new course site includes a page called “Class Members,” which is not included in the menu. Add this page to your site menu by following these instructions.
  • Add some content to any or all of the existing pages on your course site: Home, Class Info, Instructor, Schedule, or Syllabus. If you’d like, you can also create new pages and add them to the menu, or remove items that you do not intend to use from the site menu.

Please come to our drop-in hours if you have any questions, or ask a question in the Discussion section of our community profile.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

Team Open
Gina, Syelle, Tom, jean, Rachael, and Raquel

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