Activities for June 28 session


Hi everyone,

Before next Tuesday’s Zoom session, please continue to work on your course sites. Here’s what we’d like you to do:

Create a site map for your course site

Your site map can be a simple text-based outline, like this map of the Teaching on the OpenLab site, or you can create a more visual representation of your site organization.

Use your site map to set up the structure for your course site.

Create the pages and categories you will need for your site. Edit the site menu to reflect your desired structure. Add some content to at least one page and one post.

Experiment with themes

Try out some themes and try to identify one that will support your vision for the site.

Read about accessibility and website design

These accessibility tips from North Idaho College are a good overview of what to keep in mind when creating your site. This accessibility guide has instructions about how to create accessible sites in WordPress. If you’d like a deeper dive into accessibility, you can also check out this Accessibility Toolkit from the CUNY Library (optional).

If you’d like help with your site, join us at OpenLab Help Hours or ask a question in the Teaching on the OpenLab community profile.

Next week, we’ll continue to explore the features of WordPress and we’ll hear from more faculty members who have been teaching on the OpenLab. You’ll also have a chance to talk with colleagues in your discipline and get feedback about your course site.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Team Open
Gina, Syelle, Tom, jean, Rachael, and Raquel

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