Flipbook Assignment

Assignment: Flipbook


Create a 30 page (minimum) flipbook from index cards and a binder clip. If you don’t have or cannot find index cards, use a small pad, something like a post-it pad, the edge of a notebook, or whatever.

Try drawing lightly with a pencil first to test the movement of your drawings, when it is right you might want to trace over with a marker. You can use color or black and white. You might create a transformation of some kind (a ball turns into bird, which turns into the sun, which turns into an airplane, etc.), or depict a cataclysmic event, like a tornado or a volcano. Try and focus on the movement, don’t worry about each drawing being perfect. Animation is the relationship between the drawings.


This assignment is due on February 11. The flipbook should be complete by class time on that day, we will review in class briefly how to submit the assignment. Instructions are below.

Submitting your flipbook assignment

Shooting a Video of your Flipbook

Shoot a video of your flipbook with your phone. This may seem like a simple task, but it may take several attempts to find the correct angle, lighting and rhythm. The camera should be as still as possible. It may be easier if you can find someone to help you. Make sure your hands are not covering the drawings. Look at this video for inspiration.

Uploading your Video to Vimeo or Youtube

You should get in the habit of posting your work on a video sharing platform. Vimeo and Youtube are both good choices (Vimeo tends to be preferred by video professionals for its cleaner interface; Youtube has the advantage of being the most popular video sharing platform in the world).

  1. Create an account on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/join) or Youtube (https://www.youtube.com) (Youtube is owned by Google so you can simply sign in with your existing Google account.
  2. Follow the instructions for uploading your video: Vimeo instructions, Youtube instructions. Don’t forget to include a title and short description for your video.

Posting your Video on OpenLab and Submitting your Assignment

You will create a new post on your OpenLab portfolio for this assignment and use it in your submission.

  1. Go to your OpenLab portfolio and create a new post (if you need a reminder on how to do this, please review the instructions on the OpenLab Instructions
  2. Title the new post “Flipbook Assignment”
  3. Write short introduction for the video (i.e: This flipbook is the first assignment I created for my 2D animation class)
  4. Find the link to your video on Vimeo (see instructions) or Youtube (see instructions)and copy and paste it in your post.
  5. Publish your post and link to it on the “Study#1: Flipbook” discussion board and on Blackboard.

Post the URL of the portfolio page to Blackboard.