Looping Effect Assignment

Assignment: Looping effect


Create a fluid effect (such as smoke, fire, an explosion, water etc.) by using the straight-ahead approach. Your animation should be able to play in a continuous loop.

Do some research before animating. Do a Google search for slow motion videos or GIFs of the effect you want to create. Analyze these videos and use them as references for your work (i.e: how do the shapes shift overtime – do they become narrower/wider? Are there secondary particles that appear at some point? etc.). This doesn’t mean your animation should be hyper realistic – apply the exaggeration principle to make your effect more fun/dynamic.


Use the following file format: 24fps, width: 1000px | height: 1000px. Save your .fla file and export export your animation to an animated GIF (in animate, go to File > Export > Animated GIF).


Create a new post on your OpenLab portfolio. Your post should include your animated GIF (make sure you select Full Size when inserting your file) as well as a short description (reflections on your process, challenges, goals etc. are also welcome), and a link to your reference video(s)/GIF(s).

This assignment is due next week. Submit the following files on the following platforms:

  • Blackboard: .fla file and a link to your OpenLab post.
  • OpenLab discussion board: Reply to the “Looping Effect” discussion post with a link to your OpenLab post

Due March 4.