Adding Sound

Final project : Adding sound to your project

Create a soundtrack for your project. It should be layered and evoke the mood you want to convey through your piece/character. Here are a few ideas/things to consider: footsteps, background noise (traffic for the city, birds, wind, water etc. for nature), voice over narration, music etc.

Consider starting the soundtrack during the title and ending it after/during the credits. Use fades (see tutorial above) so that the start and end aren’t too abrupt.

Try to use music/sound effects that are in the public domain or under a Creative Commons license and don’t  forget to credit the original authors in your credit sequence. Here’s a list of CC/public domain resources for sound:,Internet Archive: Audio ArchiveBensound, and


Use the following composition settings: 24fps, width: 1280px | height: 720px. Save your .aep file and export your animation to the Adobe Media Encoder queue.