Add Title and Credits

Final project – step 8: Creating animated titles and credits for your project

Create a title and credits for your walk cycle. If you don’t have another idea, the title could simply be the name of your character. The credits should include your name (i.e: Character design and animation by FirstName LastName) and any Creative Commons resources you may have used – music track, sound effects, photo etc. (i.e: “thunderclap” by elmoustachio).

Experiment with the text animation properties described on this page. Have fun, but also make sure the typography, design and motion of your credit/title sequences fit the rest of your animated short.


Use the following composition settings: 24fps, width: 1280 | height: 720px. Save your .aep file and export your animation. Upload your animation to Vimeo or Youtube.


Create a new post on your OpenLab portfolio. Your post should include a link to your Vimeo or Youtube video as well as a short description (what did you add/change from the previous version. Reflections on your process, challenges, goals etc. are also welcome).

This assignment is due next week. Submit the following files on the following platforms:

  • Blackboard: .aep file and all .swf and .ai files imported into it in a zipped folder and a link to your Open Lab post.
  • OpenLab discussion board: Reply to the “Final Project: text” discussion post with a link to your Open Lab post