Activities for June 21 session

Thanks for all your questions and contributions today! We’re enjoying seeing your ideas about your OpenLab sites develop. Next week, we’ll be talking in more detail about the ways in which you envision students interacting with you, your site, and each other. We have a few activities that will help you continue to develop your ideas and WordPress skills.

Open Pedagogy

Read two short articles on open pedagogy: The Values of Open Pedagogy and Renewable assignments: Student work adding value to the world. As you’re reading, consider these questions:

  • Which aspects of open pedagogy most resonate with you and your teaching values?
  • How might you enact these aspects of open pedagogy in your course?

Share your thoughts by commenting on this blog post on our site.

WordPress Skills

  • Create a welcome announcement on your own course site
    Go to your course site and create a new blog post with the category “Announcement.” If you’d like, include an image or video to welcome students to your class. Your published post should appear in the Announcements section of your site. You can refer to this web page for instructions about how to create a new post.
  • Create a post on the Teaching on the OpenLab website
    All members of our community are “authors” on our site, which means that you can write and publish blog posts. For this activity, we invite you to share your teaching philosophy as a #4WordPedagogy (e.g., “Who’s missing? Teach that” or “Start by trusting students” or “Teach less, but deeply”).

    Go to the Dashboard of our site and create a new post. Share your #4WordPedagogy and a few sentences about it. Before you publish, be sure to assign the category #4WordPedagogy to your post. You can view your colleagues’ #4WordPedagogy here or access them through the website menu under Conversations.

If you have any questions, please come to our drop-in hours or ask a question in the Discussion section of our community profile.

Next week, we’ll talk with faculty who have already been teaching on the OpenLab and will continue to explore how the OpenLab can support different types of interactions with students.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

Team Open
Gina, Syelle, Tom, jean, Rachael, and Raquel

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