Final Project Proposal

Name of Project

Robo Wolf

Description of the Project

A 3D modeled Wolf that will utilize the Arduino LED lights to create a “glow” effect within the mouth of the wolf. The wolf will be mostly natural minus the chest/collar area which will be robotic in design.

Target Audience 

My target audience will most likely be canine lovers and possibly those interested in robots. I hope the glow effect attracts everyone though.

Technologies Used

My project will incorporate Arduino technology, Tinkercad, and a bit of Adobe Illustrate for sketches.

Step-by-step Plan

By using primitives and removal tools in Tinkercad, I’ll sculpt out the wolf head and from then on make a primitive body that I will cover in fur.  The body itself won’t be incredibly detailed, as It will be mostly cubes and cylinders covered in fur to give the appearance of a shaggy wolf pelt. There will be a hollowed-out hole within the mouth of the wolf, within the mouth will be a red LED light that will glow in intervals. The placement of this LED will make it appear to be the tongue of the robot.


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