Raziel Ortiz Description Of King Henry II

Shield of Henry II of France


The shield is two feet tall and about a foot and a half wide. The shield is heart-shaped and bears various designs on the outer face. The designs depict wartime struggles, it also features fine details and masterful use of etching

There is no credit for who designed the shield. But the design is very similar to the works of Etienne Delaune. There doesn’t seem to be any duplicates of the shield making it one of a kind.

As a shield, it’s main use is to block attacks from enemies on the battlefield, the designs on the shield represent the artistry of the French kingdom at the time.

The shield weighs seven pounds and appears to be made of steel. The finer details of the shield use gold and silver within them. By the shape of the object and its weight, I would assume it to be either a decorative shield or an actual shield.

On closer inspection of the shield, there doesn’t seem to be any scratch marks or dents. Meaning that the King had it repaired every time he blocked an attack, or it never saw use on the battlefield. I would speculate that it was the latter and that the King would wear his armor and gear up with the shield to boost morale in times of conflict, but never actually fight in combat.

My revised shield sketch retains the design of the original shield, as there is much space for the original designs to be placed. I’ve allowed the crying face to be the main focus of the shield and have put a reflective surface on the face of the shield. The design of the crying face and the reflective surface work against enemies in combat and the smaller and more versatile shape of the shield allows it to be used without it being cumbersome.  

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