Raziel Ortiz 3D Modeling and Printing

What difficulties if any did you have in creating your model?   

The merge feature in Tinkercad threw me for a loop, mostly concerning the deletion of certain areas of the frog. Creating the toes were also a bit of an annoyance as the base of the cones I used stretched in a strange way and had to be deleted with the removal tool.

Is this your first time using a 3D modeling program?

I’ve used Maya and C4D before this class, while not as versatile as C4D, Tinkercad is very useful for bringing out objects and working with primitive shapes.

How did you change your character from the earlier versions?

The character now has a bigger eyeball and a thick outline for an eyelid. The rounded handle on the back of the frog became a hollowed-out rectangle and the face of the frog is more rounded down.

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