Sample Open Pedagogy Assignment (low-stakes)

Sample Open Pedagogy Assignment (low-stakes)

Sentence Form and Standard Argument Form
CRT 100
Instructor: Danesh Singh

A. Pick two of the following arguments and put them into sentence-form (be sure to add words that are premise and conclusion indicators).
1. P: A minimum wage of over $15 an hour would help low-income people.
P: Helping lower income people is good/right.
C: The minimum wage should be more than $15. (Anna, Spring 2021)

2. P: There is only light and darkness.
P: Light is associated with love and hate is associated with darkness.
P: Hate cannot drive out darkness.
C: You should go with love and light, because only it can drive out darkness. (Teri, Spring 2021)

3. P: Lebron James has scored the third most points ever in NBA history.
P: He has won the championship four times.
P: He is the best player on the best team.
C: Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world. (Michael, Spring 2021)

4. P: Dogs and cats shed hair.
P: I’m allergic to pet hair.
C: Therefore, I cannot have dogs and/or cats as pets. (Sarah, Spring 2021)

B. Pick three of the following sentence-form arguments and put them in standard argument form.
1. I believe it is cold outside because it is winter. (Saray, Spring 2021)

2. I believe that interpersonal skills are crucial for the success of an entrepreneur because operating a business requires interacting with people and earning their trust. (Annie, Spring 2021)

3. I believe climate change is real because it has created environmental change, including the increase of wildfires [during summer] and a change in temperatures within a given season. (Michelle, Spring 2021)

4. I believe that textbooks should be provided by the school that you attend because the amount of tuition that we already pay more than covers the price of the textbooks, and if public high schools can do it, colleges should as well. (Yuli, Spring 2021)

5. Taking an innocent human being life is morally wrong; therefore capital punishment such as the death penalty should be made legal in the state of New York. (Lane, Spring 2021)

6. It would deter all the crimes that are happening today; therefore capital punishment such as the death penalty should be made legal in the state of New York. (Lane, Spring 2021)

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