SPE100 Learner Life Hacks

SPE100 Learner Life Hacks

We’ve all seen life hacks – tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make life easier.

Here at BMCC, we need LEARNER LIFE HACKS – tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make studying, writing, and testing easier. You may already use learner life hacks! This assignment is an opportunity to share your knowledge with us; you are contributing to the success of everyone in class. Here’s what to do:

  1. Watch the example video
  2. Create a Video, Audio, Illustrated, or Written Learner Life Hack (focus on learning/studying/classroom hacks)
  3. Post and share your Learner Life Hack here on the class OpenLab, by replying to this post in a comment below. (You can upload or link to your Learner Life Hack)
  4. OPTIONAL: For 2 bonus points, share your Learner Life Hack to Social Media


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