Angel Cordero – Group Forming Activity

  • When are you available to meet outside of class?

Everyday after 6pm except on weekends.

  • Which skills can you bring to the team?

Web design, photoshop, video editing, html/css, java script, audiovisual.

  • Are you comfortable leading or have you led a group team like this before?

I don’t like leading, that stresses me out and I don’t like stressing.

  • What is your major?

Multimedia, programming & Design

  • What are your career goals?

Learn how to completely make a website, develop my web design as a graphic designer and be able to make a game with what I learn in those I just mentioned.

  • What grade are you seeking to get on this project?

Above B-

  • Are you the kind of person who works through the semester steadily or seeks to complete everything right before the assessment is due?

Depends on the mood of my OpenLab so I can work.

  • What social cause are you interested in? This could be a general subject (i.e: the environment) or a more specific topic (i.e: Cleaning up the Gowanus canal).

I’m not usually the type of person to get involved in this type of issue but I can’t lie to say that advertisement has caught my eye lately.

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