Week #3 – Information / Resources

Logos by Milton Glaser

Welcome to MMA100 Week #3!

We’re BACK!

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources:

Need a recap of our last class meeting? –  Week #2 – Go Here

***Here is the ZOOM recording of this week’s class with the Assignment #1 Tutorial for Part 2 & 3 – 


Passcode: 0F*za@W1

OK! So, the last time that we met here in zoom, we covered a lot of information and we began to get acclimated with Adobe photoshop, our Photoshop workspace and our first assignment, we also went over our class website structure again. I shared (and recorded) a video tutorial about our first assignment / project here in MMA 100. Did you find the video helpful (its placed on the Assignment #1 page).

Did you add or submit your work in progress of part 1 of Assignment #1 to our google drive folder? Remember, I would really like for you to keep your work in progress there as we can dialog about it together outside of our class time on zoom. The google-drive link is located on our blackboard course page (in the google drive folder, create a folder with your first and last name). 

I would also like for you to e-mail me when complete each project or assignment. You can add the files to your folder in g-drive and then send me an e-mail to let me know – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu – I will then, leave a few comments on your work.

In our Zoom class discussion tonight on 9/22 we will start our class by reviewing the student works in progress by presenting our work loosely. Lets talk about why this is necessary and important.

Design Resources to Explore: 

I love everything they do. See for yourself below!


The FUTUR – YouTube Channel

Video Inspiration – with Milton Glaser:

Who is Milton Glaser? You certainly already know some of his work!

Explore his website here – https://www.miltonglaser.com/

*** In the comments section below, add a few links and or statements about what is currently inspiring you, or what stands out and catches your interest this week! (not just with our class but in life in general!)

4 thoughts on “Week #3 – Information / Resources”

  1. Watching that video of milton Glaser was mind blowing , i didn’t know he designed the i love NY LOGO, and many other logos , the process of him making a logo from his perspective was really something i could possibly take to maybe find my own style of designing, my style isn’t there i have no sense in what im doing i the end of the day i should go crazy and but also keep in mind to make sure it is readable.

  2. Assignment 1 Part II improved my speed in PS skills. I wasn’t sure how to upload old images into a entirely new PSD.

    I got stuck in the process of revising the wireframe because I hadn’t deleted the mask. Without deleting the mask, before cutting and pasting into a new PSD, the software prevents the user from pasting in a new PSD.

    After doing so…
    With a lot of re-watching the class 3 demo video. I selected the move tool then command T. By selecting the move tool followed by Command T all the images I want to use are highlighted.
    Then just copy paste into a new PDF.

    After doing so I was able to increase the size of the image by dragging the corner of the image. I also did the same to increase and decrease text size as well as turn the text upside down.
    I had to watch these particular parts of the Zoom session to get the strategy down. Once i had altered 3 images i continued to morph the images and text until I was satisfied with the final PSD.

    I also added color to the background by using the gradient tool. By doing so it changed the wireframe completely. The images really pop with a little color illuminating from behind them.

    1. Excellent! @jour – thanks so much for sharing your process, especially how you went about troubleshooting! Of course our class video tutorials are a great source of help, but we can always look beyond that on YouTube or via the web as Adobe software is super intuitive – many solutions to the same problems. I feel that writing about our process really helps us retain what we have learned. So, the mixture of have the experience of creating the work, writing about the process and then speaking / sharing the work in a presentation format all equals a strong knowledge of the process itself. And that equals learning! Thank you!

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