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Follow the link below to each individual assignment’s page. There you will find the guidelines, specifications, video tutorials, examples, inspiration & more.

Assignments will be posted in chronological order. We will focus on one assignment at a time.

Assignment #1 –

Assignment #2 –

Assignment #3 –

Assignment #4 –

Assignment #5 – Final Portfolio – Students will create a final Portfolio of all completed works from the semester – A “how-to” video tutorial is below:

Video recording from 12/8:

Passcode: e&jmUC9u


Student Work Submission guidelines:

When your assignment / assignments have been completed please add them to our class Google Drive shared folder – the link to our shared folder is located in our course hub in Blackboard:  

*Please make sure to create a folder for yourself with your first and last name and please name your files with your name – an Example file name looks like this:




2 thoughts on “Assignments”

  1. I just posted the first part of Assignment #1 to Google Drive, the student work page. I’m unsure if I posted the proper way.
    I ram into a few problems creating the Elements of Design wireframe, for example, I tried to use a Pollock painting from the CC website as my background but it was WAY too busy so I settled on a green gradient background instead.
    Another issue is with the alignment of the image in the spaceholder. For example, the Bauhaus text image used in the type space holder. I tried to go back in a recenter it but couldn’t get it to recenter.
    In the next round of PS, creating The Principal of Design wireframe I hope my pace picks up a little.

    1. Hi Jour, yes you did! (I see the psd. photoshop file, you can add the jpg file format this week, or when you can. I left a comment on the file in google drive too. Good choice on the green gradient background! Lol, yes, a Pollock is super busy and you saw that contrast right away, good choice to remove it for a less conflicting background. Good work, a big part of this exercise is making decisions and discovering contrasts! 🙂

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