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This post includes PowerPoints and exercises about claims. For each claim, students say whether they accept it, reject it or suspend judgement.  Cite some evidence that you have used in evaluating the claim.  Evidence may include facts, personal experience, written sources or the expertise of others whom you trust.

Inductive Arguments

Exercise: State whether each item is a deductive argument (regardless of whether it’s valid or sound), an inductive argument, or not an argument. If it’s inductive, state whether it is an empirical generalization, a prediction, or a causal inference. Hint: the deductive arguments all have two premises followed by a […]

Deductive Arguments

Exercise: Complete each syllogism with a logical conclusion.  The conclusion should follow with certainty from the premises.  Avoid using extra words. Exercise: This exercise asks you to evaluate syllogisms for validity and soundness. Please go over the examples before proceeding. To receive full credit, you need to provide a brief […]