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Ethics Cases

This is a great resource for case studies. The category titled “Ethical Issues for Students” is especially relevant. Each case includes questions for discussion and a link to “A Framework for Ethical Decision Making.” After discussion one or two cases in class, students could select their own case to analyze. […]

Assignment: 3 news stories

Watch the video and read the 2 articles, then consider what the stories have in common. Write down your comments. Video: Muslim teen Ahmed Mohamed creates clock, shows teachers, gets arrested Article 1: Shaquille O’Neal passed up deal with Starbucks because ‘black people don’t drink coffee’ Article 2: Black customers […]


The School of Thought, a non profit providing free education resources on critical thinking, created a site on logical fallacies. Each fallacy is condensed into a single, simple sentence that anyone could understand (attached here). Assignment for online discussion board: Review the list of logical fallacies. Select one fallacy by […]

Assignment: Introduction to critical thinking/ Discussion Board

Brainstorm: what is critical thinking? Watch What is Critical Thinking?  by Gary Meegan /YouTube: Watch: How to think, not what to think by Jesse Richardson /TEDxBrisbane: Post on Blackboard or discuss in class: What is critical thinking? How do the speakers define it? Why, according to the speakers, […]