Open Pedagogy

This drawing was created by Prof. Celeste Conway for her ENG 201 course at BMCC. It represents an open pedagogy classroom.

Open pedagogy is a way of teaching and learning that is grounded in the belief that we, students and faculty, share the responsibility for constructing knowledge together. Our role as faculty, then, is to design learning activities that enable that process. These are activities that go beyond traditional educational models that position students as passive and instead transform us all into teachers and learners. As faculty we work to strike a balance where our knowledge, expertise, and responsibility for fostering a healthy learning community are respected and where our students’ knowledge, expertise and responsibility are also valued.

The goal of open pedagogy is to empower students and professors.
We share and question knowledge together, to reach a common ground. We work on real-world, relevant assignments. We create knowledge that contributes something to the world, not just to a course assignment.

Please note that some activities and assignments in this course hub adhere to the open pedagogy philosophy, and more will be added in the future. All course materials are available to you, as they are to the students in a zero-textbook course. If you have open pedagogy assignments that you’d like to discuss and/ or share with other CRT 100 faculty, please contact Ewa Barnes at

Here is more information on open pedagogy: