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  1. Johannes — Thanks for sharing your video. Identifying multiple modes to connect with students — and how to reach students who we may lose contact with is important. I wonder, how will you frame the discussions during your informal Zoom sessions that focus on the stress everyone is facing?

  2. Hi Johannes,
    Thank you for sharing your video. It is clear that you’ve put a lot of thought into reaching your students and into retaining them. That’s great. To echo Jen, I think that your having various means of connecting with students is wonderful. I like that you are going to have individual Zoom sessions, too.
    It seems like you are putting a lot of work on yourself, though. Are you doing something to make sure that students understand there are boundaries and parameters to contacting you via your personal phone number? Last semester I used texting to help students. They did not always respect boundaries (i.e. getting a text at 2:00 AM) so this semester I am setting up a Google Voice account and giving them parameters for getting back to them (usually 48 hours). Here’s a link to Google Voice if you want to check it out: https://voice.google.com/about
    I am thinking of your stress level and how you can take care of yourself.
    I am wondering if you can make students feel like they are being looked after and foster a sense of community in ways that put the responsibility on them, too. Had you thought of creating student buddy/study groups on Blackboard? This is something that I will be doing after the initial few weeks.
    Just a few thoughts. Once again, thank you for the video.

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