BLA Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Open Lab Community By Dr. Aradhana Kumari

I let my students know that I am always present when they need help. I dedicated seven days a week a time slot where I responded to my student’s email so that they can get help faster and do not fall behind. I held a zoom discussion meeting (which was optional and which many students attended) twice a week so that I can connect with my students and help them. I gave a lot of individual attention to each student. During these meetings, I did a meditation with my students for a few minutes, which they liked. I also posted the information about 10 minutes mind on the blackboard and asked my students to use this meditation tool.

I wrote the syllabus in such a way that it was easy to follow and has all the information( an example of how they can reach out to me, how they can get help with tutoring, and so on) they need in order to succeed, and then I made a video and I went over the syllabus and posted that on the blackboard. Many students said that it was very helpful. My students liked how I organized my blackboard with a well thought clear study plan for each day in order to succeed. They mentioned during the zoom discussion meeting that they really liked how well the study plan was written and it was easy for them to follow.

I posted all the information ( which I received from the student affairs) about where they can get help if they need tablets, chrome books, wifi, food, money, etc on the blackboard.

I made myself available after office hours. If students said that the only time she/he can meet or take an exam is at 9 PM I accepted their request. I did make many exceptions and accepted their late assignments. They needed this flexibility and I was willing to work with them. Overall I was very flexible and caring.

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  1. Aradhana — Thanks for your post. It sounds like you were supportive of your students and responsive to their needs. That’s wonderful that the students liked the meditations! If you feel like sharing them, it would be a privilege to post them in our community so others can access them. I wonder, how did you nurture your well-being so that you could be so flexible and caring?

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