Plan for incorporating TIP in my Fall 2020 courses

Class structure, Assignments & Deadlines

  • Encourage submission of partially completed assignments to meet the deadline, with the option of revising them later on. 
  • Accept past due assignments and lower the point deduction penalties I usually enforce for late submissions. 
  • Prompt grading & feedback.
  • Clear guidelines, rubrics and comments for each assignment.
  • Response to emails within 48hrs.
  • Focus on broad concepts rather than technical/software-specific skills.

Positive/hopeful outlook

  • Find opportunities, news articles etc. to highlight  how relevant the skills we are learning in our courses are in the current/post-COVID economy (i.e: advantages of animated vs. live action production in a pandemic; the power of digital and social media in creating systemic changes etc.)

Emotional support

  • Dedicate 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each class to discuss students’ concerns – whether they are related to the class or not. 

Inclusive pedagogy

  • Use of gender and race neutral nouns in examples/prompts/lectures
  • Showcase role models from diverse genders, race, and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Growth-mindset encouragement (i.e: “I know you have the ability to master this topic if you follow these steps” instead of “ I know you are smart”)
  • Emphasis on the fact that I don’t know everything and that the field we are engaged in is always evolving and requires us to constantly learn new tools, make mistakes, and learn from them. 

Building Community

  • Encourage asynchronous peer-to-peer interactions (i.e: discussion boards, Flipgrid, Slack). 
  • Facilitate constructive peer reviews (synchronously and asynchronously)

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  1. Thank you, Anna, for this comprehensive list of strategies and practices that you will integrate in your courses. In categorizing these practices with trauma-informed pedagogy, you have provided an invaluable framework to approach this task.

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