TIP practice goals for THE 110. (Acting 1) Fall 2020

Since I teach acting, the foundational tenants of:
Respect, Trust, Connection and Support, Collaboration, Empowerment, Culture & History & Gender, Resilience & Growth & Change … are threads in the fabric we are always weaving.

This workshop showed me that evenmore support might be necessary for me to keep the above flowing. Working to support their ability to be vulnerable and empathic when the rawness of experience these days it a lot for all of us. The coming months are bound to escalate a lot of feelings and fears.

Practices and ideas I am implementing:

1. Looking for and doubling up on positive (confidence building) warm up and connecting exercises – IE: the one below. I often save this one for midterm-ish – but it’s going right up front this semester.


2. Encouraging and assigning individuals to share music that is touching or inspirational to them. (Incorporating it in into our warm up for the day. )

3. Working twice the amount of time on community/ensemble building.

4. Having 1/2 the class rehearse while the the other half works scenes until the final showing of the scenes so all can see and support with positive feedback. So they have work time in class, instead of having to do all rehearsal outside of the class time.)

5. Emphasizing peer support (outside of class time) to foster community.

6. Choosing material (and encouraging them to choose material) that is uplifting and fosters resiliency.

7. Looking for ways to them to do their homework – off of technology – encouraging handwritten notes that can be photographed and uploaded.

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