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At BMCC, you and your students have access to VoiceThread through Blackboard. You do not need a special or separate account. Once you have accessed VoiceThread through Blackboard, you can also choose to use it outside of Blackboard.

Start Using VoiceThread within Blackboard 

  1. Create a VoiceThread item. Go to the content area to which you would like to add a VoiceThread and click on the “Build Content” drop-down menu. Select “BMCC VoiceThread LTIOne” (see screenshot). Give your VoiceThread item a name and description. If this is a graded assignment, select “enable evaluation.”
  2. Set up your VoiceThread item. Click on the link for your newly created VoiceThread item. You will see the VoiceThread setup screen, which has several options. Selecting “Course View” will display all of the VoiceThreads associated with the class. This is a good option if you want students to be able to browse through a group of VoiceThreads, or to find and comment on each other’s work. Selecting “Individual VoiceThread” will display a single VoiceThread. This is a good option if you are creating a VoiceThread discussion or sharing specific course content.
  3. Create a VoiceThread. If you selected “Course View,” go back to the content area and click on your VoiceThread item, then select “Create One.” If you selected “Individual VoiceThread,” you will be prompted to select an existing VoiceThread or create a new one. Additional information about creating VoiceThreads can be found below.

Start using VoiceThread outside of Blackboard

You will first need to access VoiceThread from within Blackboard to activate your account. Once you have done this, you can access your account directly from the VoiceThread website. The first time you log in, select “Sign in with email” and then click on “Forgot password?” to reset your password. The VoiceThreads that you create by accessing VoiceThread directly will also be available within Blackboard.

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