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Resilient Teaching Workshop

The resources on this site were developed to complement BMCC’s Resilient Teaching workshop, which prepares faculty to teach online or remotely. Participants in the Resilient Teaching workshop:

  • Build on their existing experiences with remote teaching
  • Apply asset-based pedagogies to design learning experiences
  • Make equitable choices that meet students needs
  • Match pedagogical goals to the technology tools
  • Become more fluent in the use of technology for teaching and learning

The workshop consists of 7 units that engage participants in examining teaching and learning in their courses, matching their goals to online tools, and developing their course sites. In each unit, we first introduce content and engage in activities on Blackboard and/or the BMCC OpenLab (asynchronous component), followed by a conversation on Zoom (synchronous component).  

The Resilient Teaching workshop is open to all BMCC faculty. The workshop outline, materials, and activities can be viewed by anyone on our publicly facing Resilient Teaching workshop site.