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Tests, Exams, and Surveys

Blackboard allows you to create tests and surveys with a variety of question types. Tests are typically scored and the results are added to the Grade Center. Surveys are anonymous.

Tests scores can become part of student grades or tests can be configured as self-evaluations, which do not count towards a grade. Some question types, such as multiple choice, can be automatically graded. You can view test submissions in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Unlike tests, survey responses are anonymous. You can see which students have responded to a survey, but you cannot connect survey responses to individual students. Survey responses can be downloaded and viewed in a spreadsheet.

Get Started with Tests and Surveys

Create Tests and Surveys
This page from Blackboard contains video and text instructions about the basics of working with tests and surveys.

Question Types
Information about all the types of test and survey questions available in Blackboard.

Edit Tests and Surveys
Information about how to add, edit, delete, and rearrange test and survey questions.

Grade Tests
How to review and grade tests after your students submit them.

View Survey Results
How to access and download survey responses.

Things to Consider when Configuring Blackboard Tests
Recommendations from Hunter College about how to configure Blackboard tests and exams to avoid known glitches and issues.

Additional Resources

Blackboard help includes an array of pages with instructions for working with tests, pools, and surveys.

At BMCC, E-Learning has compiled resources on this Tests & Exams page, including a link to advanced instructions for utilizing a test generator.

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