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The Resilient Teaching Team

These resources were curated by the designers of BMCC’s Resilient Teaching workshop. To get in touch, please email us at

jean amaral, open knowledge librarian
As open knowledge librarian, I promote the knowledge commons and knowledge as a public good through programs on open educational resources (OER) and open access (OA) scholarship, as well as through re-envisioning the library as a knowledge creation space. I also co-lead, with Gina Cherry, BMCC’s OER and open pedagogy programs.
John Beaumont, Professor and Teaching Collaboratory Faculty Director
I teach ESL and Linguistics in the Academic Literacy and Linguistics Department. I am also the faculty director of the BMCC Teaching Collaboratory (CoLab) within CETLS.
Gina Cherry, CETLS Director
I am the director of BMCC’s Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CETLS), co-director (with jean) of our OER/ZTC and Open Pedagogy initiative, and co-director (with John B.) of the Teaching Collaboratory.

Resilient Teaching is an evolving program, and we want to thank the many other folks who contributed to its development, including Anthony Bishop, Brielle Buckler, Eugenia Cawler, Shenique Davis, Tom Harbison, Christina Neubrand, Angela Polite, and Rosario Torres.