Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is an easy way to edit, co-edit, and share documents with students or others you are working with. Here is some basic information about Google Docs.

Once you create a document, you can either link to it from your WordPress site or embed it on a page or post.

In either case, the first step is to share the document by doing the following:

  • Log into Google Drive
  • Right-click the file and click Share
  • Click “Get Shareable link”
  • Copy the link from the highlighted text field, which you will use in a following step.

To link to the document, simply paste that link into a page/post.

To embed the document:

Activate the Google Docs Shortcode plugin on your site (from Plugins in dashboard).

If in the block editor, create a new Shortcode block and paste in this text, inserting the link to your Google Doc:
. Here is a detailed version of these instructions, which includes a video.

If in the classic editor, paste the following text directly into the visual editor, inserting the specific link to your Google Doc:

If you have further questions, see, or ask about it our BMCC Open Pedagogy Seminar group forum.

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