Open Pedagogy Seminar


Pre-Seminar Activities

Weeks 1 & 2 – Asset-based Pedagogies & Open Pedagogy
Learning Outcomes
Participants will:

  • Describe the characteristics of open pedagogy
  • Describe how open pedagogy fits with the student learning outcomes for their course
  • Design an open pedagogy assignment
  • Be Awesome

June 4, 10-11:30am and 2-3:30pm



  • In small groups: Examples of open pedagogy assignments.
  • Individual worksheets
  • In small groups: Talk about project(s) chosen from the Open Pedagogy Notebook and brainstorm ideas for each faculty member’s course (see worksheet).

Pre-Week 2 Seminar Tasks

June 11, 10-11:30am and 2-3:30pm


  • Breakouts: Workshopping open pedagogy assignments
  • Reports out


  • Introduction to the OpenLab: Seminar site and group
  • Questionnaire: Goals for course site. All participant discussion to follow
  • Wrap up: Outstanding questions. 

Pre-Week 3 Seminar Tasks (to complete by Thursday, June 18):

Part 1

  • Complete this Course Site Preliminary Survey (you will receive a copy of your responses after submitting)
  • Think about the responses you gave in the survey, and then visualize your site by drawing a sketch (see Celeste Conway’s sketch  for her ENG 201 course attached–don’t be intimidated by this sample; it’s meant to inspire). We’ve left this purposely vague to provide you freedom in your conception.
  • Drop your sketch into this DropBox folder (if you used pen and paper, take a photo; drawing or mindmapping in MS Word or other application is also fine).
  • Write the instructions you will give to students for your open pedagogy assignment (a draft is fine), and create a post for the instructions on our seminar site, using the category “open pedagogy assignments”.

Part 2 (Complete the five tasks below by following the steps outlined after each task. For extra help, use the corresponding video tutorials at the end of this list):

1. Upload an image as an avatar for your personal profile (My Profile) on the OpenLab:

OpenLab > my profile > change avatar > choose file > upload image > crop image
Video tutorial for task 1 (Adding a profile pic)

2. Upload an image (creative commons licensed or one that you have permission to use) as the avatar for your course profile (under settings in the course profile, not on the course website):

OpenLab > my profile > my courses > [select the course] > settings > [scroll down to “upload avatar”] > select file [navigate to the image on your computer and double-click it] > crop image
Video tutorial for task 2 (Adding a course profile pic)

3. Add information about yourself to the Instructor page on your course site:

OpenLab > my courses > [select the course] > course profile > site dashboard > pages > hover over “Instructor” page > choose an editor > type your information in the text box > update
Video tutorial for task 3 (editing a page)

4. Write a new post that is a brief announcement welcoming students to the course:

OpenLab > my courses > [select the course] > course profile > site dashboard > posts > add new  > fill in the title and body of the post > choose category “announcements” > publish
Video tutorial for task 4 (creating a post)

5. Create a designated place for class announcements on your site:

OpenLab > my courses > [select the course] > course profile > site dashboard > appearance > menus > in the left column in the center of the page, find and click on categories > select “announcements” > add to menu > save menu
Video tutorial for task 5 (putting a post category in the menu)

You can also view/play all video tutorials in the site by clicking here.

Weeks 3 & 4 – WordPress

Learning Outcomes
Participants will:

  • Create an accessible WordPress site in the OpenLab
  • Match site functionality to pedagogical goals
  • Be Awesomer


  • Fire poem
  • Create your site
  • Introduction to elements of WordPress: Adding and organizing content. Extending functionality. Accessibility.
  • Introduction to elements of WordPress: Engaging students on the OpenLab (or elsewhere)
  • How the Open Pedagogy Seminar site was customized
  • Reflection: How will you use the OpenLab (or other tools) to support your pedagogical goals?
  • Customize your site

Pre-week 4 Tasks