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Dramatic Adaptation Exercise

  1. Select several scenes from Dracula that seem especially significant to the novel or to any of the themes you’d like to investigate (do your best to avoid scenes I’ve already treated extensively in class). If you’re stumped, you can try asking yourself about the “five portals” I’ve offered into Dracula (which scenes are the most horrific?
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Equal Rights Assignment

BUS311 Students:

We all face issues of discrimination, regardless of whether we are the target, or whether we observe injustice to others we know and care about. Equal rights legislation in the United States is always evolving, as is evidenced by the Supreme Court’s June 15, 2020 Bostock v.… Read more “Equal Rights Assignment”

Project: Play Response Anthology

Hi THE 100 students! It is my pleasure to introduce our final class project. Building on our work exploring the creative process, we will be creating an anthology of responses to the play TBD (both the script and recorded performance). This anthology will be made publicly available on the internet, and I will be contacting the playwright to share the link to this anthology when it’s complete (If at any time you decide that you don’t want your response made public, please contact me).… Read more “Project: Play Response Anthology”

Media Literacy: “The Medium is the Message”


This series of components constitutes a larger assignment that is part of the media literacy unit in my course, Critical Thinking for ESL Students.  This is still a work in progress!


The sequence is as follows:

  1. Watch the Youtube video, “Crash Course in Media Literacy #3: History, part 2”.
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assignment draft.

intro type assignment… this structure could potentially be used many kinds of ways

There are many ways to define an economy (also called an “economic system“).

One way is:

Economy – the particular way a group of people make and use things

another way is:

Economy – a particular solution to a production problem and an allocation problem

where the production problem is: how do we decide what to make and how to make it?… Read more “assignment draft.”

Las descripciones personales

 En preparación para el Proyecto 2, vamos a acumular información para nuestras descripciones personales con las siguientes actividades.


  1. Con base en las fotos de sus artistas favoritos, hagan una lista de varias características físicas que observan y escríbanlas en frases, siguiendo el modelo:

Fotos del estilo de Maluma

Modelo: Maluma: pelo corto; cuerpo esbelto; torso delgado; etc

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Autoethnography of a Social Problem


For this project, you will select a social problem that affects you individually and research and analyze this problem as it affects you. The assignment will have three written components that you will complete over the course of the semester: a summary of the problem, an analysis of its causes and how it is publicly addressed, and a final presentation of your research that proposes solutions to the problem and that will be shared with the class (and perhaps with future Social Problems or Sociology classes).… Read more “Autoethnography of a Social Problem”

How to convince a patient to stop smoking in less than 3 minutes (hard mode 1 minute)


Lung cancer leads to more death than any other cancer and often metastasizes elsewhere in the body by initial detection, making prognosis unfavorable. Using knowledge of respiratory physiology and anatomy determine a strategy to education the patient on function of the lungs, how smoking harms the patient and why long term cessation is the key to preventing deadly pathology.… Read more “How to convince a patient to stop smoking in less than 3 minutes (hard mode 1 minute)”

Illustrating a policy concept

The goal of this assignment is to have you describe key policy concepts using a variety of alternative media.

I will provide you with a list of key concepts (e.g. blaming the victim, globalization, deinstitutionalization, deficit financing, health care parity, lobbying, universal/selective welfare, street-level bureaucracy, cash/ in-kind benefits etc.).… Read more “Illustrating a policy concept”